Saturday, November 2, 2019

How To Get Rid Of Sleep Less Night Problem, 07 Best Home Remedies And Tips For Good And Healthy Sleep

November 02, 2019

Good sleep at night is very important for physical and mental health. Good healthy sleep gives your body and mind organs rest and refresh them to work good. Sometimes due to depression, tiredness, work load or some other reasons, we fall in sleep less night problem. If this sleep less night problem stay for long time, effect on your physical  and mental health. Not only physical and mental health but also effect on your beauty and looks. Dark eye circles, aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines appear before time due to sleep less nights. You look like patient and older then your age. Attraction and glow of your skin disappear due to sleep less night problem. Sleep less night problem also effect your mental health, like deficiency of const-ration, lake of interest etc.
People mostly take medicines like sleeping pills for sleepless night problem, which is more dangerous for your health . Use of sleeping pills for sleep less nigh problem is make you habitual and time come when you can't sleep with out taking sleeping pills.
Today i will share very simple, safe and most effective remedies and tips for sleep less night problem solution. Use of these remedies and tips you will get early and good healthy sleep every night.

07 Best Home Remedies And Tips For Good And Healthy Sleep

  • Spread some sugar on red tomato and eat after dinner to get good sleep at night.
  • Massage with poppies seed oil on temporal and forehead if you are facing sleep less nights problem. With poppies seed oil massage you will get good sleep early.
  • Use onion in dinner  if you are facing sleepless nights.
  • Eat fruit salad in dinner will make you sleep good and  early at night.
  • Some times due to dandruff you face sleepless nights, Use organic oil massage to get rid of sleepless nights.
  • Decrease tea and caffeine in your daily life routine if you want to take good sleep at night.
  • Mix some salt in semi hot water and dip your feet in this hot water and salt mixture to get enough sleep.