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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Make It Simple To Remove Acne And Pimples With This Home Remedy

Acne and pimples are the most common skin problem in the world. The main reason of acne and pimples is oily skin,  open skin pores, dust, pollution, dirt use of low quality skin care products etc. Our skin have small pores on it every where.Excessive production of skin oil make skin oily and oily skin make skin pores open and large.When dirt, pollution and dust enter in these open pores and mix with skin oils the results are acne , pimples and dark spots on skin. For acne and pimples prevention first of all you have to treat with oily skin and open skin pores and then deal with acne and pimples.

There are many cost effective acne and pimples removal creams and lotions are available in market.These products have temporary results and may harm your skin because of chemical ingredients.
Today I will tell you face mask home remedy to remove acne and pimples .This face mask is very easy to make and apply but the results are magical and permanent.Once you use you see the difference.This mask will not treat only acne and pimples but also remove pigmentation and dark spots from skin and make skin glow and shinny.
Let,s start making face mask.


  • Milk Powder           1 tablespoon
  • Aloe Vera Gel          1 tablespoon
  • Toothpaste               1 tablespoon
  • Glycerin                   1/2 tablespoon  
  • Turmeric Powder    1/2 teaspoon

How to Make

  • Take a small clean glass bowl.
  • Add all above ingredients in it.
  • Mix very well all ingredients to make smooth fine paste.
  • Your acne and pimples removal face mask is ready to use now.

How To Apply

  • Wash your face with normal water and pat it dry.
  • Apply this paste on face skin especially on acne and pimples area thoroughly to make a thin layer.
  • Let it leave for 10 to 50 minutes or until complete dry.
  • Now gently massage face with wet finger tips in circular motion for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • After massage remove mask by wiping it with wet sponge.
  • Wash your face with normal water.
  • Use daily for first week and then two times a week for best results.

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