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Saturday, August 17, 2019

07 Signs Of Depression In Women You Should Never Ignore

Depression in the women is very common because women are very sensitive. Depression means the feelings of sadness, lake of interest, focus and pleasure in daily life. In depression You feel alone by yourself, stranger to everyone including yourself also. Depression not only hurt you by very simple things but also make you cry, sad and more sensitive. Depression is mostly occur in women. There are many reasons of depression like genetic, environment effects, life events, use of drugs, head injury, extra sensitivity etc. No matter what is the reason of depression, you have to know depression signs accordingly.
There are main 8 signs of depression in the women.

1) Unhealthy Sleep
                          The most common sign of depression in women is less sleeping. In depression women mostly awake whole night and spend their day on bed with puffy eyes and heavy head just thinking and feeling things with more sensitivity. Unhealthy sleep make their mind more weak.

2) Feeling Hopeless

                           Women mostly feel hopeless in depression about their past, present and especially future time. Women feel every thing is out of their control when they are in depression.

3) Anger

           Depression not only make women sad but also make them extra angry on simple things. Women show extra anger on very simple things. This sign of depression make very difficult to maintain relationships.

4) Eating Difficulty
                         Depression mostly disturbs women eating diet in daily life. Women don't feel hunger and if feel don't like to eat . Taste ability not works and they stop eating. This depression sign directly effects on health and looks by weakness, dark circles and wrinkles etc.

5) Suicidal Thoughts

                             In depression women mostly thin about to do suicide. They think one and only solution of their all problems is suicide. This sign of depression is one of the most dangerous sign. In this situation don't let women alone for a second because depression attack them with more power when they are alone and results can be very harmful.

6) Lake Of Interest 

                          In depression women mostly loss interests in any things. Women always spend their time in thinking. They don't like to do any work at any time. They don't take interest in common women habits  like clothing, beauty, fashion, cooking etc.

7) Focusing Problem

                           Women loss focus in depression. They mostly do wrongs because their mind is busy in thinking and their body organs are working. When mind and body organs not communicating correctly, the results are every work id done wrong. This is also very dangerous depression sign.




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