Sunday, October 28, 2018

Base Makeup Working with Light and Shadow

October 28, 2018


   Light and Shadow

Use Foundation to highlight  features naturally. Cover any dark circles, dullness, or spots easily with foundation.

Spread the light

Use light to bring out your  skin features

Light up  cheekbones and T-zone with Foundation. Use the brush to apply  Foundation directly on skin and blend with fingers. Next, use the foundation on the sponge to create a shadow of light.Blend in the  Foundation by gently patting. This will help to avoid disturbing the first layer of foundation

Hide unwanted shadows

Cover dark circles and dullness arounf eyes,

Use the under-eye concealer for dark circles under  eyes. Apply the concealer to the dark lines under the corners of your eyes and move outward. Finally, use your fingers to blend it around your eyes..


Define the contours of your lips

Conceal shadows around  mouth to give greater definition to  lips. Apply the under-eye concealer to the corners of your mouth and blend it in gently using your fingers.


 Cover spots, freckles, and blemishes

Use the concealer palette to cover spots, freckles, and blemishes. Use the tip of the  brush to apply and blend in the concealer over any areas of concern, then apply finishing powder with the brush to settle the concealer.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


October 24, 2018
  The glitter makeup is not for everyone. But for those  makeup gurus who are unafraid to pack a ton of sparkles into  makeup routine whether that be daily or occasionally  you’re going to want to check out these glitter eyeshadow tutorials before you attempt your next fleck-full lewk. Ahead,  rounded up  favorite glitter eyeshadow tutorials on the internet, and we guarantee you’ll find yourself totally mesmerized with every sparkle.

Firey Gold With  Glitter

This cool gold cut crease  changes the definition of fire_inspired . Starting off with a killer hot pink shadow,  blend it into  crease and highlights  brow bone with a stunning yellow. Next,  add a dark purple shadow onto outer V and into  crease. Next,  prime  lid for  cut crease with a primer and add a gold shadow over top. Finally,  apply  Makeup Glitter all over  eyelid, and packs on a layer of gorgeous, chunky gold flecks.

 Hail Holographic

Creating a natural cut crease with deep brown and black pigments,  swipes on glitter primer on  lid. Next,  add a few layers of  Makeup Glitter in Crystal overtop with a flat shader brush, creating the prettiest iridescent finish that seriously glows.

Rose Gold Glitter Eyeshadow

Begin glitter eyeshadow take with a beautiful smoked out rose-gold eye look, complete with a coppery brown in  outer V. Next,  go in with a liquid glitter shadow and places is onto the center of the lid lightly. Next,  finish the look off with a sleek cat eye and some voluminous falsies.

Pink Glittah Fam

The glitter makeup landscape with this all out pink glitter tutorial. After applying some neutral pink eyeshadow,  go overtop with actual pink craft glitter mixed with regular makeup glitter using  Makeup Mixing Medium, and apply it all over the lid. To take the look the the next level,  use the same glitter formula to paint back the sides of hair by  temples, and also creates a few patches on  neck. To finish off the look,  add a few pearl appliques overtop. We think we’ve been blinded by this pink sparkle beauty.


October 24, 2018

    place two tiny pieces of tape along the middle of  nail and paints white polish down the center overtop a bubblegum-pink nail. Not only does this look literally take less than few minutes, it looks a lot more complicated and comes out super pretty.


Everyone loves some good scale art, and this tutorial  makes it extremely easy to achieve this artistic look on your fingertips. After painting your nails white, apply a mermaid scale stencil sticker overtop, and paint in the scales with your favorite color  choice. Feel free to dilute your polishes a bit to create a watercolor like good effect.


This  tutorial also another very easy go-to because it just takes three steps. 1st by painting your nails any color of your choice — here, we have a pretty light turquoise. 2nd grab a makeup sponge and apply a darker blue to one side and a lighter blue on top. Dab on the gradient to your desired effect, and once dry, 3rd add some iridescent glitter polish overtop to complete the look.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Applying foundation Using the sponge

October 23, 2018

Lightly pat the larger area like cheeks,

Use the wider side to apply the foundation andGently hold the narrower side of an oval sponge . When applying the foundation to larger areas of yourface like your cheeks, pat your skin  rhythmically and lightly.By stroking the skin smoothlySpread the foundation over the contours of your face .

Applying foundation smoothly on the nose

Apply the foundation to your forehead by patting, moving on to the area between the by stroking the skin smoothly and eyebrows and the X. Use only a small amount of foundation For the bridge of your nose, work the sponge in a downward motion since this area is angular, and . A good guide is to have just enough foundation on the sponge to reach your chin.

Always Fold the sponge for smaller areas.

For the smaller areas such as under your eyes, over your nostrils, and around the mouth, fold the sponge in two layers. If necessary, apply a second layer to areas of concern. Remember please Do not apply foundation to your eyelids.

How To Create The Base Of The Skin

October 23, 2018
Tone up your skin with the makeup base Before using the foundation, .
Then, apply the foundation with sponge or your finger tips gentaly. 

HOW TO USE MAKEUP BASEApplying the makeup base

You should first apply the makeup base to your forehead, cheeks, nose, and the tip of your chin To create a perfect base of your skin, . Use your and ring middle  fingers up to the second joint and spread the base evenly with a gentle massage, reaching up to around your eyes and face.
Move your fingers in broad strokesTo apply the makeup base to larger areas such as your cheeks and forehead, . This will prevent unevenness and help the foundation spread more smoothly and last longer. For small areas such as your eyes and nostrils, smooth the makeup into your skin in smaller, delicate strokes using your fingers.


October 23, 2018
Look no ,more than the cosmetic  tools you need to create the eerie, most beautiful,  or flat-out scary Halloween looks using just making it at home.  Try crafting the rest of your costume by following one of these simple DIYs Tips.

Halloween is a time to turn your dreams into a reality for some time. You know what that means is You can finally become the mermaid halloween thanks to  a bag of seashells makeup scales.
Pop Art Woman

Add big red dots to mimic your favorite Sunday and comic Outline your face with strategically placed black trim. Then just wear your favorite party dress. Roy Lichtenstein would be impressed.
What’s not to love about wearing a rainbow wig, glow-in-the-dark unicorn horn, and rhinestones? Exactly.

Snow White
For an easy, sweet costume that doubles as a nighttime look (sans the little-girl bow, of course), copy Emma Pickles’ pretty Snow White makeup.

Butterfly Filter

Snapchat filters don’t just come in creepy form — there are plenty of pretty ones like this golden butterfly look. Radiant highlighter, soft pink lips, and fluttery eyelashes make this an elegant Halloween costume option.
The Joker

If you dress as The Joker, you’ll probably win Halloween (sorry Batman). Take a note from Suicide Squad to create this villian’s eerie look.
Killer Clown
Considering regular clowns are enough to scare a lot of people, this extra-scary clown makeup might actually make a few people run away, faint, or scream.
Daniel Tiger

Sure, a red hoodie makes this costume idea even more recognizable, but the cute orange and brown accents will be a hit with anyone who loves this cartoon.
Fluffy Kitten
Not even a headband is required for this cute cat costume, thanks to the ears drawn on the forehead.

Ursula the Sea Witch

While Ariel’s makeup is beautiful, let’s be honest: Being the evil sea witch Ursula is much more fun. Get this villainous look by following YouTuber Goldiestarling’s brilliant tutorial, complete with glittery starfish for your hair.
Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp, is that you? This makeup for Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean will cause everyone to give you a double take